A Garganta da Serpente

Ana Carolina dos Reis

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I'm so glad to meet you
And I'm always thinking about you
I feel to be right
I'm tired of heart's play games
Could you bring me just a little piece of your sweetness?
You're simple amazing
And you're like no one
I can try to fight against this wicked world with you by my side
I don't wanna feel ashamed
Don't make me cry
Your smile's so clear
All my feelings come so deep
I'd like to want to know
What I have to say
What I have to do
But life has showed me some paths
In my secret dreams
Don't ask me to forget you
It would be very hard
Life without you is so unkind
Please, hold me
Don't walk away from me
I have nothing if you're not here by my side
Am I just dreaming?
Bring me your great feelings
Show me the right way
I'll believe in love everytime you walk by
Don't keep your distance
I need you anyway
If you stay with me
I'll thank LORD forever
And I won't have lonely nights
Just because of your pretty and blue eyes!

(Ana Carolina dos Reis)

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